Food intolerances ready to eat meals

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Gluten-free, allergen-free:

Celiac disease and intolerances to eggs and milk are the main food intolerance in our society.
Treatment is simple, just avoid the intake of the agents that cause intolerance: gluten (contained mainly cereals), eggs and milk.
These intolerances have an incidence of nearly 25% of the population; however go unnoticed by most of society and are “forgotten” by the food industry.
Corporacion Alimentaria Sanae’s goal is to provide a full range of ready meals suitable for food intolerances.

Destroying myths: Ready meals are unhealthy.

It is true; in the market are easy to find highly processed foods that use large amounts of saturated fats, high levels of salt and plenty of additives and preservatives.
…but there are also ready to eat meals in which the product is treated with love and in which traditional cooking techniques are used.
And that is precisely the philosophy of the Sanae ready meals: Only the best ingredients, the right amounts of fat and salt, no chemicals and the appropriate treatment to each recipe to make our food taste to food and help you to take care of your health .
Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is now possible without sacrificing the convenience of prepared foods.
Monitor the kind of products consumed is the first step to start a healthy lifestyle

Making things clear: Without preservatives and without refrigeration? Impossible ...!

YES. It is possible!. All our dishes carefully pass a sterilization process which ensures its long shelf life without refrigeration.
Sterilization is one of the oldest conservation processes (created to ensure the supply of the Napoleonic troops)
And ... is a process that many of us have been using it at home: Have you canned some tomato sauce, or have you done some home canning?
The process is very simple; put the tomato sauce in a pot, you close it, you put water bath ... and that's it. Preservatives and additives FREE.
It is exactly what we do in Sanae. In a larger scale and with a more technical process ... but the concept is the same.